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shape of the cancer of the prostate

shape of the cancer of the prostate

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September 18, 2007. To eat more a portion of broccoli and cauliflower per week could reduce the risks to be reached of the aggressive shape of the cancer of the prostate.

It is the conclusion of a vast survey américaine1 led from 1993 to 2001 by about 30 000 men aged of 55 years to 74 years. However, the results don’t permit to associate the consumption of cruciferous to a reduction of the risk to be reached of a cancer of the prostate whose growth is, in the majority of the cases, relatively slow.

The men who ate the broccoli more of once per week would have reduced their risk to be reached of the shape avancée2 of the cancer of the prostate of 45%, compared to those that consumed less of them once per month. This proportion was of 52% for those that ate the cauliflower more of once per week.

The broccoli and the cauliflower are part of the family of the cruciferous that contains many derivatives of glucosinolates. These compounds would limit the proliferation of the cancerous cells and, possibly, their migration verse other organs, believe the researchers.

Other factors have influenced the results of the survey however. The individuals who eat more fruits and vegetables usually practice more physical activities, smoke less and have a healthier life style therefore.

The participants have been followed lasting about four years. They first answered a structural questionnaire on their food habits and their consumption of fruits and vegetables. Regular exams of tracking have been achieved then.

Of all shapes of cancer, the one of the prostate is the most widespread at the men in Canada. He/it arrives to the third rank of the reasons of death by cancer at the men.

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The neurofeedback to treat the deficit of the attention?

Some Swiss researchers suggest to use the neurofeedback, a technique of the biofeedback, to treat the children affected by the disorder of the deficit of attention with hyperactivity (ADHD) 1.

According to their results, the neurofeedback is in this light that a more efficient therapy of type of group cognitive-behavioural. This technique produces the very real effects that can not be assigned to an placebo effect, plead the researchers.

With the help of the technique of neurofeedback, the participants had to learn to master some cerebral functions thanks to the medical imagery provided by an electroencephalograph (ÉEG).

An approach body-mind Related to the biofeedback, neurofeedback the allows the patient to see, in real time, a visual representation of his / her / its own cerebral activity. During the sessions of neurofeedback, the topic must find convenient means to modify this activity while acting himself on his / her / its thoughts and, of general manner, on his / her / its mind.

The researchers compared the efficiency of the biofeedback (17 children) to the one of a group therapy (13 children). According to the assessment of the parents, the children of the group of neurofeedback would have improved their attention span and their cognitive performance more that those that participated in the therapy of group. Among the children submitted to the neurofeedback, those that learned to modify their cerebral activity voluntarily controlled their hyperactivity and impulsiveness their better that the other, the researchers note.

Of the mitigated results

Since the beginning of the years 2000, some American researchers put forward to get good results with the techniques of biofeedback. However, the clinical proofs on the neurofeedback to treat the ADHD would be even dissatisfactory. The experts estimate that put forward the positive results can be attributable to a set of clinical interventions rather than solely to biofeedback.

According to Andre Achim, professor of psychology to the University of Quebec in Montreal and coauthor of the book Troubled showing a deficit of the attention with hyperactivité2, this survey does not raise more questions than it solves some.

The results do not clearly demonstrate that the improvements are attributable to intervention in biofeedback, he / it adds. It is also the case of several studies on the topic. "Our own works seem to indicate, he / it pursues, that the neurofeedback has a real positive effect on some children enduring ADHD, but one again ignores what this effect is. One has difficulty getting clinical kindness in a constant "manner, he / it explains.

To Quebec, the therapy by neurofeedback is not covered by the scheme of health insurance. "For the parents who have the financial means of it, this approach would be able to, in some cases, to bring some kindness", all the same esteem Andre Achim.

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The foreign investors reinforce their presences on the Chinese real estate market

The real estate unit of Citigroup projects to increase ten times its investment in the real estate market of the Chinese continent, in US$800 millions in the three years to come, declared yesterday a top responsible for the company in Shanghai.

"We will buy all types of properties, understanding offices, details and industrial properties in China", declared Stephen Coyle, strategist in investment in chief in Citigroup Property Investors, at the time of a conference on the real estate finances.

Citigroup spent more US$50 millions last year for a part of 75% in the Novel Plaza, a tower of offices situated to the downtown of Shanghai, in its first movement on the real estate market of the continent.

The company joins some rivals thus as Morgan Stanley and the group Goldman Sachs in the opportunity of investments in the industry of property of the nation, where the demand of offices, stores and houses is pushed by the strong economic growth.

Some observers of the industry assigned the sudden rise of the prices of lodgings in the big cities as Shanghai and Beijing, in part, to the increasing contribution of capital overseas in the real estate sector of the continent.

Lately, the local newspapers speculated on the fact that the authorities will enact new measures aiming funds overseas.

"We expect tighter procedures overseas for the approvals in the investments on the properties, and to restrictions to financing overseas for the local tools of investment used to acquire existing properties" noted My June, an economist of the Deutsche Bank AG, in a note of research, after the Chinese government announced a set of normalization measures May 29.

The measures unveiled last week, including payments of taxes of more elevated deposits on the transactions of lodging, didn't address the sector of investment overseas.

However, Stanley Chan, director of management of Stanley & Partners Investment Management, noted that the investments overseas on the continent counted last year for only 1.15% of the 1.8 quintillion of yuan (US$225 billions) in the sales of property, and would affect the prices of the lodgings hardly.

Gu Yunchang, vice-president of the association of Real estate Lodging Research in China (Dyed Real Estate Housing Research Association), said that because of the absence of tools of financing as societies of investments real estate, different domestic investors lost the opportunity to put their money in properties of good quality on the continent. The institutional investors acquire overseas therefore first these properties producers of come back, and inject them in Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) to be sold overseas on the financial markets, as Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Actuality of the market Real estate China

Actuality of the market Real estate China:  a law to fight against the speculation

July 07, 2008

Attention, opening in a new window. ImprimerEmail A new law makes speak of it in China:  it is about the government's initiative to discourage the foreign speculation on the Chinese real estate market. This law makes obligatory the obtaining of an approval on behalf of the strangers at the time of their real estate transactions done on the Chinese territory before they can repatriate funds won in other countries.

Actuality of the market real estate Real estate China

According to the circular established by the administration of state of the foreign currency and the ministry of the construction, the foreign investors anxious to place their money in Chinese real estate societies should fulfill of the purchase price in totality. The objective of the Chinese government is to manage the foreign direct investment rigorously in the real estate sector.

Besides, the banks and other Chinese foreign currency administrations should increase their level of vigilance and surveillance of the property transactions done in foreign currency. They should also establish a report by the state every time that an act of property will have hired some foreign currency.

This circular includes a lot of other measures in the goal to control the real estate sector and of " to close the door to the speculators besides sea" according to the Chinese ministry of the construction. Indeed, China is certainly a territory vast, but that shelters an immense population. Following the invasion of the foreign funds in China. having had for consequence the reduction of the number of naked lands where it is possible to construct some dwellings. the government has rigidifié the real estate transactions achieved by strangers to tempt to discourage the speculation.

Some Chinese cities to the picture of Shanghai knew a blaze of the prices of the real estates, passing the simple to the double. It had the effect of returning the conditions of access to the even more difficult property for the local population. Besides, with the increase of the interest rates insider repeatedly by China in 2007, the activity of home loan of the Chinese banks fell distinctly. Struggle against the inflation and raise of the real estate growth constitutes a difficult equation to solve.

The local policies try therefore to throw back to all price the real estate market in order to amplify the volumes exchanged on the market and to slow down the increase in prices.

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China baby&children products

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International brands enter the China Bathroom market

With the continuous improvement of living standards, Chinese consumers have long been discarded toilet only to meet the original function of the concept of a single bath, bathroom equipment becoming increasingly sophisticated and perfect, it is increasingly willing to spend money to buy "Shuxin." Because of this, sanitary ware industry in recent years the world of international brands such as American Standard, Kohler, Faen Sha, Moen, and so have a major push into, and the domestic industry is also bathroom and, for want of the Chinese market this Feimei Cake.

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Solid wood toilet seats(W-4023)

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Bathroom sets(6010)

Bathroom market explained.

In the increasingly fierce competition in the market, some domestic enterprises and brand awareness to the importance of culture, began vigorously promoting brand-building, and by virtue of the early accumulation of capital, on the one hand, to transform their product line, on the other hand actively absorb advanced technology, Recruitment, to develop the international market. From imitating others to independent research and development, from the little-known, brand to the successful operation, as the market continues to improve, Technological advances in the domestic bathroom industry is growing rapidly. Some local brands such as Jianpai, King and other fast rise and has begun Fengeng originally by the international giant firmly occupy the mid-range bathroom products market share.

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