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very strong increase of the number of tourists during the national feast

Tourism in Zibo, ChandongLes tourist destinations through China welcomed at least 4.05 millions of tourists during the first four days of the national feast (length of one week), on the increase of 33.4% in yearly slip.

This number has been gotten on the basis of the reports of 119 destinations tourist Thursday to 18H00, one indicates official source.

In the same way source, one specifies that, in the same period, the incomes of the tourism bounded of 37.5%.

This year, the week of gold of the national feast takes place from September 29 to October 5.

Beijing knew an increase of the tourists of 60% with many visitors interested by the Olympic sites.

About 920 000 people (+62%) visited the 21 main tourist sites of the capital.

Otherwise, Shanghai also recorded an affluence of tourists:  +52.2% for more of 70 sites.

In the province of the Sichuan, seriously touched by the earthquake of May 12. 107 400 people (+360%) went to visit the former city of Huanglongxi close to Chengdu, the capital of the province.

For the only day of Wednesday, the trains of the country transported more 5.4 millions of passengers (+13%), 557 300 people took the plane and 53,2 millions of others chose to take their car or the bus.

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