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Peking has welcomed 6.52 millions of tourists

Peking welcomed 6.52 millions of tourists of which 382 000 strangers during Olympics, according to official statistics published Tuesday by the municipal office of Statistics and the municipal office of the Tourism.

The picturesque sites of the city achieved a total income of 162 millions of yuans (23 millions of dollars), one indicates source in the same way.

The results demonstrated that the important sites as the forbidden City, the Palace of summer and the Great Wall received each more of 230 000 tourists of the 8 to August 24.

The hotels having some stars received about 80 000 customers per day. The hotels five stars recorded a rate of occupation of 81% with a middle price by room of 3 604 yuans (525 dollars) per day.

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70% of the Chinese consider traveling after the Olympic games of Beijing

70% of the Chinese have the intention to travel to the Interior of the country or abroad after the Olympic games of Beijing, according to an investigation on the Internet.

The recent investigation, led by Ctrip, important agency of tourism on line of China, covered about 1 000 people interrogated in the country.

The month of August is the traditional peak season for the tourist industry of China. However, in August of this year, a lot of people chose to remain home to look at the Olympic games of Beijing and put back their plans of journey to later.

Among the interrogated people, more of something 50% of long distance destinations in China, more preferred of 30% of journeys to short distance, whereas 10% consider traveling abroad.

Among the Chinese destinations, the cities hosts of the the Olympic games of Beijing are favorite, with about 60% of people having chosen Beijing, are by Hong Kong, Qingdao, Shanghai, Qinhuangdao, Shenyang and Tianjin, according to the investigation.

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Two tourists Russian killed in an accident of bus in the northeast of China

Two Russian tourists have been killed and several other injureds when a bus reversed itself Friday in the province of the Heilongjiang (northeast), announced a spokesman of the local government.

The accident took place to about 04h40 in dependent Tielinghe of the city of Mudanjiang after the bus, with 22 Russian tourists on board, had reversed itself at a crossroads.

The injureds have immediately been transported to the hospital.

The tourists were on the path of the return in the city of Suifenhe of the province neighboring of the Jilin when the accident took place.

No other detail is currently available.

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More of 178 millions of vacationers Chinese moved

More of 178 millions of Chinese moved inside the country during the week of vacations of the national Feast, on the increase of 22.1% in relation to the same period of last year, indicate the national administration of the Tourism of China (ANTC) and the Office of state of Statistics (BES).

These vacations, known as the "week of gold", lasted from September 29 to October 5 to celebrate the birthday of the foundation of People's Republic of China in 1949.

The tourist incomes during this week totaled 79.6 billions of yuans (11.65 billions of dollars), in increase of 24.2%. The expense per capita middle was of 448 yuans.

According to the numbers of the ANTC, the 119 main tourist destinations of the country received more 18.29 millions of visitors, on the increase of 13,2% in yearly basis. Beijing and the co-promoters cities of the Olympic games such Qingdaos and Shanghai recorded a strong increase of the number of tourists.

The municipal office of the tourism of Beijing announced Sunday an increase of 35% of the number of the tourists in the city. Most visited the Olympic sites.

At least 87.02 millions of people visited Beijing during the week of gold, of which 2,35 millions of foreign visitors that spent 5.25 billions of yuans, on the increase of 27% in relation to the same period of 2007.

The Olympic Park, seat of the Nest of bird and the Cube of water, attracted more 2,82 millions of visitors.

The administration of the civil aviation of China (CAAC) announced that the airline companies of the country had transported 4.33 millions of passengers during the week of gold, in increase of 14.8%, the airports posted 33 416 planes, on the increase of 8%.

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very strong increase of the number of tourists during the national feast

Tourism in Zibo, ChandongLes tourist destinations through China welcomed at least 4.05 millions of tourists during the first four days of the national feast (length of one week), on the increase of 33.4% in yearly slip.

This number has been gotten on the basis of the reports of 119 destinations tourist Thursday to 18H00, one indicates official source.

In the same way source, one specifies that, in the same period, the incomes of the tourism bounded of 37.5%.

This year, the week of gold of the national feast takes place from September 29 to October 5.

Beijing knew an increase of the tourists of 60% with many visitors interested by the Olympic sites.

About 920 000 people (+62%) visited the 21 main tourist sites of the capital.

Otherwise, Shanghai also recorded an affluence of tourists:  +52.2% for more of 70 sites.

In the province of the Sichuan, seriously touched by the earthquake of May 12. 107 400 people (+360%) went to visit the former city of Huanglongxi close to Chengdu, the capital of the province.

For the only day of Wednesday, the trains of the country transported more 5.4 millions of passengers (+13%), 557 300 people took the plane and 53,2 millions of others chose to take their car or the bus.

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come back of the strong tourism in haussse in 2007

The incomes of the Chinese tourism reached 1 095.7 billions of yuan (160.3 billion of dollars) in 2007, the increase of 22.6% in yearly basis, declared Thursday the national administration of the tourism.

The incomes in mottos reached 41.9 billions of dollars on the increase of 23.5%, while the incomes of the national tourism in renminbi (RMB) reached 777 billions of yuan, on the increase of 24.7%.

China welcomed 131.87 million of last year tourists come of the outside of the country. The Chinese tourists moving inside the country were of 1.6 billion, and those that left abroad 40.95 million.

The number of tourists coming of the stranger to visit China increased strongly last year. Among these, the original tourists of other Asian countries represented 61.5% of the total and the citizens of Republic of Korea have been continued to be the most numerous.

To end 2007, the country counted 13 583 classified hotels, either 6.5% more than the previous year, the number of agencies has the journey, as for it, progressed to 18 943, against 17 957.

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