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come back of the strong tourism in haussse in 2007

The incomes of the Chinese tourism reached 1 095.7 billions of yuan (160.3 billion of dollars) in 2007, the increase of 22.6% in yearly basis, declared Thursday the national administration of the tourism.

The incomes in mottos reached 41.9 billions of dollars on the increase of 23.5%, while the incomes of the national tourism in renminbi (RMB) reached 777 billions of yuan, on the increase of 24.7%.

China welcomed 131.87 million of last year tourists come of the outside of the country. The Chinese tourists moving inside the country were of 1.6 billion, and those that left abroad 40.95 million.

The number of tourists coming of the stranger to visit China increased strongly last year. Among these, the original tourists of other Asian countries represented 61.5% of the total and the citizens of Republic of Korea have been continued to be the most numerous.

To end 2007, the country counted 13 583 classified hotels, either 6.5% more than the previous year, the number of agencies has the journey, as for it, progressed to 18 943, against 17 957.

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