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Breast cancer: yes to the plants, to the soy and to fish; no to the red meats

Some food would contribute to reduce the risks of breast cancer, while others would aggravate them, even at the women whom there is predisposed genetically, conclude researchers of the university of Montreal.

Vishnu Bissonauth, student to the doctorate to the Department of nutrition, is one of the authors of the survey. It counted 24 epidemiological studies treating the relation between the breast cancer and different groups of food, published between 1997 and 2007. Although several studies arrive to opposite results, the searcher arrives to the following findings:

The fruits and vegetables would have a preventive effect more marked among the women bearers of genetic mutations.

The photometer, contained in food to basis of soy or seeds of linen, would especially reduce the risks of breast cancer at the women. The protective effect of the weak dairy products in greasiness would be attributable to their content in D. vitamin

The red meats would increase the risk of breast cancer, especially if they are grilled rather than muses, and again more among the women bearers of genetic anomalies.

Fish would have a protective beneficial effect against the breast cancer. The effect varies according to the species and their fashion of cooking, with the exception of fish contaminated by heavy metals or pesticides.

Beyond food themselves, the total quantity of calories ingested per day could accelerate the apparition of the breast cancer. Several studies demonstrate that those that consume more than 2 000 calories per day, that they are bearers or no of genetic mutations, would run more risks to be reached of a breast cancer.

Vishnu Bissonauth recalls that a food cannot provoke, warn or aggravate to it only the breast cancer.

” For example, the fact to eat meat grilled to the barbecue during all one summer doesn’t immediately drive to the formation of a cancer. The breast cancer is a latent illness that sometimes takes about ten years before appearing.

Breast cancer: yes to the plants, to the soy and to fish; no to the red meats


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